Zoo2 Shrunked Image Resizer Italian shrunked.dtd

shrunked-config.title Shrunked Image Resizer Configuration
Impostazioni di Shrunked Image Resizer
shrunked-sites.label Site Settings
Opzioni dei siti
shrunked-sites.sitelist.site Site
shrunked-sites.sitelist.settings Settings
Dimensioni immagine
shrunked-sites.forget.label Forget Selected
Elimina siti selezionati
shrunked-defaults.label Defaults
shrunked-defaults.quality.label JPEG Encoder Quality:
Qualità JPEG:
shrunked-defaults.quality.smaller Smaller Files
shrunked-defaults.quality.better Better Quality
shrunked-options.title Shrunked Image Resizer Options
Ridimensionamento delle immagini di Shrunked Image Resizer
shrunked-options.remembersite.label Remember my answer for this website
Ricorda le dimensioni scelte per le immagini di questo sito web
shrunked-options.savedefault.label Save as default settings
Salva come impostazioni predefinite
shrunked-noresize.label Original
shrunked-small.label 500 px
500 pixel
shrunked-medium.label 800 px
800 pixel
shrunked-large.label 1200 px
1200 pixel
shrunked-custom.label Custom
shrunked-width.label Width:
shrunked-height.label Height:
shrunked-preview.label Preview:
shrunked-preview.previous.tooltip Previous image
Immagine precedente
shrunked-preview.next.tooltip Next image
Immagine successiva
shrunked-minsize.label Minimum file size to resize:
Dimensioni minime del file da ridimensionare:
Localization note: this should match unit_kilobytes in shrunked.properties
shrunked-unit.kilobytes kB
shrunked-maxsize.label Maximum size for your photos:
Selezionare le dimensioni massime per le immagini:
shrunked-custom.pixels px
shrunked-advanced.label Advanced
shrunked-advanced.resample.label Resample images using javascript
Ricampiona le immagini tramite javascript
shrunked-advanced.exif.label Transfer EXIF data
Trasferisci i dati EXIF
shrunked-advanced.orient.label Automatically rotate images
Ruota le immagini automaticamente
shrunked-advanced.gps.label Transfer GPS data
Trasferisci i dati GPS
shrunked-advanced.logenabled.label Log messages to Error Console
Log messages to Error Console
shrunked-advanced.resizeonsend.label Offer to resize image attachments:
Offer to resize image attachments:
shrunked-advanced.resizeonsend.false when attached
when attached
shrunked-advanced.resizeonsend.true when sending email
when sending email

† String that has been changed.