Zoo2 Open With Korean openwith.properties

openWithLabel Open with %S
%S에서 열기
openLinkWithLabel Open Link with %S
%S에서 링크 열기
This should match openwith-dropdown.tooltip in openwith.dtd.
openWithDropDownTooltip Open with…
다음으로 열기…
This is a placeholder for where the menu items will appear. Most users will never see it.
openWithPlaceholderLabel Open With items
Open With 항목
noBrowsersSetUp Open With has no browsers configured.
Open With에 설정한 브라우저가 없습니다.
browserDetectionChanged Browser detection has changed. Please check your list of applications.
브라우저 항목이 변경되었습니다. 브라우저 목록을 확인하십시오.
buttonLabel Open With options…
Open With 옵션…
buttonAccessKey O
installed Open With has been installed. Now configure it.
Open With가 설치되었습니다. 지금 설정하십시오.
versionChanged Open With was just updated to version %S. Open With is free, but your donation is appreciated!
Open With가 %S 버전으로 업데이트되었습니다. Open With는 무료이지만, 여러분의 기부를 환영합니다.
changeLogLabel What Changed?
What Changed?
changeLogAccessKey C
donateButtonLabel Donate
donateButtonAccessKey D
namePromptText Enter a new name:
새로운 표시 이름 지정:
paramsPromptText Enter the command-line arguments for %S:
%S의 커맨드-라인 명령 옵션:
accessKeyPromptText Select a menu access key:
메뉴 선택 키 지정:
keyinfoPromptText Select a keyboard shortcut for %S:
%S의 키보드 단축키 지정:
%S is the name of the entry being cloned.
duplicatedBrowserNewName %S copy
%S 복사
These are the names for keys, used for showing keyboard shortcuts.
ctrlkey Ctrl
cmdkey Cmd
shiftkey Shift
altkey Alt

† String that has been changed.