Zoo2 Open With Korean openwith.dtd

openwith-name Open With
Open With
This should match openWithDropDownTooltip in openwith.properties.
openwith-dropdown.tooltip Open with…
다음으로 열기…
This is a placeholder for where the menu items will appear. Most users will never see it.
openwith-placeholder.label Open With items
Open With 항목
This is a placeholder for where the menu items will appear. Most users will never see it.
openwith-linkplaceholder.label Open With link items
Open With 링크 항목
openwith-submenu.label Open with
다음으로 열기
openwith-linksubmenu.label Open Link with
다음으로 링크 열기
These strings appear on the left-hand side of about:openwith.
openwith-options.title Open With Options
Open With 옵션
openwith-display-choose.label Choose how to display Open With items:
Open With 항목의 표시 방식 지정:
openwith-display-pane.viewmenu.label View menu
보기 메뉴
openwith-display-pane.contextmenu.label Main context menu
주 상황 메뉴
openwith-display-pane.contextmenulink.label Main context menu (links)
주 상황 메뉴 (링크)
openwith-display-pane.placescontext.label Bookmarks context menu
북마크 상황 메뉴
openwith-display-pane.tabmenu.label Tab context menu
탭 상황 메뉴
openwith-display-pane.tabbar.label Tab bar
탭 막대
openwith-display-pane.toolbar.label Tool bar
도구 막대
openwith-display-pane.toolbox.label Developer Tools
개발자 도구
openwith-display-none.label Don't display
표시 안 함
openwith-display-menuitems.label Display as menu items
상위 메뉴 항목으로 표시
openwith-display-submenu.label Display as a sub-menu
하위 메뉴로 표시
openwith-display-buttons.label Display as buttons
버튼으로 표시
openwith-display-dropdown.label Display as a drop-down menu
드롭-다운 메뉴로 표시
openwith-display-toolbarhelp To add Open With to your toolbar or panel menu, open the panel menu and click 'Customize'.
Open With를 도구 막대 또는 패널 메뉴에 추가하려면, 패널 메뉴를 열어서 '사용자 설정'을 클릭하십시오.
openwith-logging.label Logging
로그 기록
openwith-logging.checkbox.label Enable log output to Browser Console
브라우저 콘솔에 로그 기록하기
openwith-datacollection.title Data collection
정보 수집
openwith-datacollection.optin Help improve Open With by submitting anonymous usage data
익명의 사용 정보를 전송하여 Open With 기능을 개선하기
openwith-datacollection.privacypolicy Privacy Policy
개인 정보 정책
openwith-donationsrequest Open With is funded by user donations.
Open With는 사용자 기부금에 의해 자금을 지원 받습니다.
openwith-donate Donate
openwith-github Open With on GitHub
Open With의 GitHub 페이지
These strings appear on the right-hand side of about:openwith.
openwith-browserlist.label Choose which items to display:
표시할 항목 지정:
openwith-browserlist-auto.tooltip Detected automatically
자동으로 감지
openwith-browserlist-show.label Show
openwith-browserlist-hide.label Hide
openwith-browserlist-edit.label Edit
openwith-browserlist-editname.label Name…
openwith-browserlist-editcommand.label Command…
openwith-browserlist-editparams.label Arguments…
명령 옵션 (매개변수)…
openwith-browserlist-editaccesskey.label Menu Access Key…
메뉴 선택 키…
openwith-browserlist-editshortcut.label Keyboard Shortcut…
키보드 단축키…
"Duplicate" is a verb here.
openwith-browserlist-duplicate.label Duplicate
openwith-browserlist-remove.label Remove
This appears in the about:openwith context menu. "Copy" is a verb.
openwith-context-copykeyname.label Copy identifier
식별자 복사
openwith-browserlist-add.label Add…
openwith-browserlist-restoreorder.label Default Order
기본 순서
These strings appear in the keyboard shortcut dialog. In about:openwith, choose a browser, then Edit, Keyboard Shortcut.
openwith-ctrlkey Control
openwith-cmdkey Command
openwith-shiftkey Shift
openwith-altkey Alt
openwith-nomodifier Select at least one modifier.
한 개 이상의 보조 키가 필요합니다.
openwith-comboinuse This key combination appears to be in use.
이미 사용 중인 단축키입니다.
openwith-removecombo Remove Shortcut
단축키 제거

† String that has been changed.