Zoo2 Open With Spanish (Spain) openwith.dtd

openwith-name Open With
Abrir con
This should match openWithDropDownTooltip in openwith.properties.
openwith-dropdown.tooltip Open with…
Abrir con...
This is a placeholder for where the menu items will appear. Most users will never see it.
openwith-placeholder.label Open With items
Elementos de Abrir Con
This is a placeholder for where the menu items will appear. Most users will never see it.
openwith-linkplaceholder.label Open With link items
Enlaces de Abrir Con
openwith-submenu.label Open with
Abrir con
openwith-linksubmenu.label Open Link with
Abrir enlace con
These strings appear on the left-hand side of about:openwith.
openwith-options.title Open With Options
Abrir con Preferencias
openwith-display-choose.label Choose how to display Open With items:
Elegir como mostrar elementos de Abrir Con:
openwith-display-pane.viewmenu.label View menu
Ver menú
openwith-display-pane.contextmenu.label Main context menu
Menú contextual principal
openwith-display-pane.contextmenulink.label Main context menu (links)
Menú contextual principal (enlaces)
openwith-display-pane.placescontext.label Bookmarks context menu
Menú contextual de marcadores
openwith-display-pane.tabmenu.label Tab context menu
Menú contextual de pestañas
openwith-display-pane.tabbar.label Tab bar
Barra de pestañas
openwith-display-pane.toolbar.label Tool bar
Barra de herramientas
openwith-display-pane.toolbox.label Developer Tools
Herramientas para desarrolladores
openwith-display-none.label Don't display
No mostrar
openwith-display-menuitems.label Display as menu items
Mostrar como elemento de menú
openwith-display-submenu.label Display as a sub-menu
Mostrar como submenú
openwith-display-buttons.label Display as buttons
Mostrar como botones
openwith-display-dropdown.label Display as a drop-down menu
Mostrar como menú desplegable
openwith-display-toolbarhelp To add Open With to your toolbar or panel menu, open the panel menu and click 'Customize'.
Para añadir Abrir Con a la barra de herramientos o panel de menú, abrir el menú del panel y hacer clic en 'Personalizar'.
openwith-logging.label Logging
Registrar (Logging)
openwith-logging.checkbox.label Enable log output to Browser Console
Habilitar salida del historial (log) a la consola del navigador
openwith-datacollection.title Data collection
Data collection
openwith-datacollection.optin Help improve Open With by submitting anonymous usage data
Help improve Open With by submitting anonymous usage data
openwith-datacollection.privacypolicy Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
openwith-donationsrequest Open With is funded by user donations.
Abrir Con se financia con donaciones de usuarios.
openwith-donate Donate
openwith-github Open With on GitHub
Abrir Con en GitHub
These strings appear on the right-hand side of about:openwith.
openwith-browserlist.label Choose which items to display:
Seleccione los elementos a mostrar:
openwith-browserlist-auto.tooltip Detected automatically
Detectado automaticamente
openwith-browserlist-show.label Show
openwith-browserlist-hide.label Hide
openwith-browserlist-edit.label Edit
openwith-browserlist-editname.label Name…
openwith-browserlist-editcommand.label Command…
openwith-browserlist-editparams.label Arguments…
openwith-browserlist-editaccesskey.label Menu Access Key…
Tecla del acceso al menú…
openwith-browserlist-editshortcut.label Keyboard Shortcut…
Atajo del teclado…
"Duplicate" is a verb here.
openwith-browserlist-duplicate.label Duplicate
openwith-browserlist-remove.label Remove
This appears in the about:openwith context menu. "Copy" is a verb.
openwith-context-copykeyname.label Copy identifier
Copy identifier
openwith-browserlist-add.label Add…
openwith-browserlist-restoreorder.label Default Order
Orden predeterminada
These strings appear in the keyboard shortcut dialog. In about:openwith, choose a browser, then Edit, Keyboard Shortcut.
openwith-ctrlkey Control
openwith-cmdkey Command
openwith-shiftkey Shift
openwith-altkey Alt
openwith-nomodifier Select at least one modifier.
Seleccione un modificador por lo menos.
openwith-comboinuse This key combination appears to be in use.
Parece que ya se usa esta combinacion de teclas.
openwith-removecombo Remove Shortcut
Quitar atajo

† String that has been changed.